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High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker is used for electrical switching under normal response mode and operating emergency conditions in the industrial and off-line installations in three phase alternating current system with separate neutral and earth or grounded neutral system (frequency shifting – 50Hz, rated voltage – 12kV).

HV Vacuum Circuit Breaker is installed (fixed, set) in switchgear and control gears, excavators, oil drilling rigs, mobile electric power stations and in control and switching points.

Electrical characteristics:

Rated voltage, kV
Rated frequency, Hz
Rated current, A
630; 1250; 1600
Rated breaking current, kA
20; 25; 31,5
Rated short-term withstand current, kA
20; 25; 31,5
Rated peak-point current, kA
50; 63; 80
Rated peak switching current, kA
50; 63; 80
Short-circuit duration, s
Rated operating sequence
0-0,3s – CO – 180s - CO
0 – 180s – СО – 180s - СО
Mechanical durability, cycles
30 000
Commutation life:
-at rated current, cycles
- at rated breaking current, trips
30 000
Rated making current of condenser, kA
20 (frequency 4250Hz)
Farness between contacts, mm
11 ± 1
Travel, mm
3,5 ± 0,5
Operating voltage, V
AC110/220, DC110/220
Input voltage of electric driving motor, V
AC110/220, DC110/220
Supply power of electric driving motor, V
70, 100 (40kA)
Accumulation time, s
≤ 15
Permissible worn-out contact zone thickness, mm
≤ 3
Tripping amplitude chatter, mm
≤ 2


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