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An annual all-Ukrainian contest of product quality ( goods and services) "100 best goods of Ukraine " was held in November 2013, the culmination of it was the awards ceremony for the winners, finalists and laureates.

This contest is the prestigious recognition of excellence domestic companies seeking to improve the competitiveness of their products both in the domestic and international consumer markets.

" NPP - Rudpromavtomatyka " Ltd. has received well-deserved victory in the appropriate category , which means that it recognized as the best manufacturer in its own sector, and therefore intends to further enhance the prestige of our country at the international level.

The product, which won in the group "Products for industrial purposes " of general category "Products " is protection operating unit POU-2. This product is designed to perform the functions of relay protection, diagnostics, control and alarm connections switchgear, as well as measurement , monitoring, performance monitoring using modern technologies , and the unit provides high accuracy performance.

We are proud that the products of " NVP- Rudpromavtomatyka ", which are the result of hard and painstaking work of development engineers , named the best on the national event promoting the quality and competitiveness of domestic products.

Recognition at this level points to the fact that the company " NVP - Rudpromavtomatyka " is a worthy representative of the labor elite in Ukraine , and its products can be trusted by customers. Although no complaints and the perception of business partners of our company as a dignified perspective companion on domestic and international markets - is the best and most valuable thanks to the whole team....